Talking to each other, understanding each other. Getting onto the same wavelength, sharing ideas, growing together. Quite simply, this is our way of doing business, or our mission, if you like.

We believe all this is an added value for our customers, because it is important to offer top quality products, manufactured using the latest technologies and taking care of environment, but it is even more important to add passion.

This is indeed the only way to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. That is how Sirca’s people work every day to bring the ancient and noble art of formulating paints, explained by Primo Levi, ever closer to meet our customers’ desires and fulfill the potential of the latest technologies.


The Group

A tradition of growth and innovation.

A network formed by companies with common goals of tecnological innovation and internationalization for green growth.

Durante Alliance, the new name for a great team established back in the '70s by its founders Tarcisio and Luigi Durante, ha become, over the years, a leading company for coatings, polymers and adhesives on the international market.

With its ethical and businness values deeply rooted in "Made in Italy" quality, this company has human resources and technological research as its lefeblood, developing in various directions on international markets.

The company includes five Corporate Brands, which meet current and future challenges together in order to develop further andbetter.



A family. A major Group.
A great family, a strong Group: with a turnover of more than 120 million Euro, 300 employees and four production plants, Sirca is an integral part of this Group, together with Durante & Vivan.

Back in the early Seventies Tarcisio and Luigi Durante brothers established Sirca company , nowadays one of the leading Italian Companies in the wood coatings market, with a widespread network of specialised distributors in more than 40 Countries, anywhere from Europe to Russia and India.

All this thanks to our focus on research and development: more than 20% of our staff consists of technicians, analysts, testers and colourists .This enables us to forecast new market trends and to satisfy those demands as soon as they arise, in order to grow together, just like a big family.



Sophisticated equipment and instruments are the basement of the moder research, buy the must be used in conjuction with the one, most essential element: human creativity.

Sirca employs more than 20% of its human resource into the technical department. Sirca's chemical technician, analyst, tester and colour specialist, are working in a fully new 1000sq.m laboratry; all of them striving to satisfy the daily customerneeds and ensuring tht each production batch matches the technical and application and drying machines necessary to replicate industrial coatings work cycles.

In this way, technicians and clients assess the features of the products under real working conditions, and from this assessment make the best solutions fortheir particular situation.

Daily contact with external technical service personnel provides the research staff with an immediate and accurate awareness of current market trends.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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